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The Pervert’s Guide to Cinema, Sophie Fiennes, England, 2009. Sophie Fiennes’ film presents Slovenian psychoanalyst, philosopher, and pop-culture critic and phenomenon Slavoj Zizek doing what he does best – dissect films. Literally jumping inside the sets of some of films from Hitchcock to Lynch, Zizek is a master of the unexpected, as well as the unexpectedly funny. This two and a half hour romp through some of cinema’s most riveting moments is an excellent introduction to Zizek’s unique brand of psychoanalytic film theory.

The Pervert’s Guide to Cinema


The New World, Terrence Malick, United States, 2005. Malick is a cinematic master of light and color, meditation and monologue. This lush adaptation of the story of Pocahontas and John Smith by the director of The Thin Red Line was a darling of critics when it came out in 2005. A scathing critique of colonialism, Malick’s work tries to pose the question of precisely what was new in the two worlds that were about to merge when the English first landed in Virginia.

The New World

The Holy Mountain, Alejandro Jodorowsky, Chile, 1974. Jodorowsky’s film is truly one of the strangest ever made. Full of startling images, financed by John Lenon and Yoko Ono, and largely unavailable due to legal troubles with them for the next thirty years, this film combines blasphemous religious imagery with symbolism from the Tarot to create one of the most visually stunning, erotic, psychadelic masterpieces of the seventies.And more great seventies hair than you know what to do with. From the famed director of the psychadelic Western and cult favorite El Topo. Not to be missed!

The Holy Mountain

Gomorrah, Matteo Garrone, Italy, 2008. A dark, disturbing portrait of the mafia and those who live under its brutal regime in contemporary Naples. This fiction film, based on a bestseller, non-fiction expose recently published in Italy, Gomorrah is as gritty and uncompromising as they come. As one critic said, “Gomorrah makes Tony Soprano look like a lightweight.” No one makes it out alive . . .


I Am Cuba, Cuba/Soviet Union, 1964. Mikhail Kalatozov’s masterpiece of dazzling camera work shows us four stories from Cuba on the brink of revolution. Somewhere between propaganda film and time-capsule to the pre-Castro era, this film shows the misery of the poor and the fire of revolution while the embers were still hot. Banned in the US for thirty years, the film was reintroduced by Francis Ford Coppola and Martin Scorsese to great fanfare in the mid-nineties. Come for the revolution, but be transfixed by the floating camera!

I Am Cuba

Crumb, Terry Zwigoff, United States, 1994. A documentary of the one of the strangest men ever put to film, Zwigoff’s film tells the story of Robert Crumb, the legendary underground cartoonist, as well as his sexual fantasies, his angry rants, his raucus family, and his over-the-top art. One of the most memorable documentaries of the 90’s.



Straw Dogs, Sam Peckinpah, United States, 1971. Dustin Hoffman stars here as a mathematician driven over the edge into paranoia and violence. The final scene with Hoffman’s hyper-violent defense of his house is not to be missed. Highly controversial, its the story of a man falling far over the brink, by one of American’s most famous directors.

Straw Dogs

Death Rides a Horse, Giulio Petroni, Italy, 1967. One of the best Spaghetti-Westerns, made with an Italian cast on low-budget in the deserts of Spain, with classic score by Enrico Moricone. Full of odd villains, tight camera-work, and melodramatic acting, its where Tarrantino came from. Come for the Moricone, but stay for the sauce.

Death Rides a Horse

Logan’s Run, England/United States, 1976. One of the seventies campiest sci-fi adventures, with Michael York playing a man on the run in the dystopian future society, set to a background of Moog-style music.

Logan’s Run


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